The CG of CG5

Charlie Green, also known as CG5, is a prodigious singer-songwriter and music
producer who rose to internet stardom with his irresistibly catchy meme-inspired songs.
At just 5 years old, Charlie demonstrated an impressive musical aptitude, eventually
mastering recording software and becoming a self-taught multi-instrumentalist. The
Arizona-born 24 year old has become one of YouTube’s leading music creators with
nearly 6 million subscribers and 2 billion total views to date.

Vintage Roots, Gen-Z Flair

Charlie’s biggests inspirations include '70s and '80s icons like The Doobie Brothers, Phil
Collins, and Hall & Oates. His own music delves into more contemporary themes like
video games and memes. Though much of his work is based on frivolous pop culture
references, like the Grimace shake trend or the Among Us video game, his fans’ love
for his music is anything but a joke.

Unmasking Strength

As a neurodivergent person, Charlie struggled with expressing himself verbally and
connecting with others throughout his whole life. Over the years, his neurodivergence
evolved into a source of strength and a driving force in his music creation. He has
expressed that it allows him to immerse himself in projects with hyper-focus, enabling
him to write and record entire songs within mere hours.

The Magic of the Moment

In the ever-evolving landscape of meme culture, CG5 embraces the challenge of
creating consistently relevant content. The ephemeral nature of trends is intrinsic to the
very meaning of his art and the joy that his fans derive from it. “Meme culture is
short-lived,” CG5 explains, with most trends only lasting a matter of weeks. His songs
capture fleeting moments in pop-cultural time, each a monument to some series or joke
that, if only briefly, united millions of people from around the world in laughter and joy.